It Was Tight. It Was Firm. It Was Very Spankable.

But, it wasn’t TW’s and it was very, Very, VERY CREEPY to look at. Well, at least for me it would have been creepy.

TW and I went to watch our nieces play softball yesterday. The first game featured a very sexy, college aged female umpire. I really didn’t notice her right away since we were a bit late getting to the game. When I did notice here though, WOW. Firm, tight ass in a pair of cheek hugging shorts, especially when she bent over to call balls and strikes. Even better? We were right behind home plate! It was one of the only places that had shade.

It got even weirder for me when my MIL and TW started discussing the young lady’s body. Just regular, “Oh she’s cute. She’s got nice legs. She’s got a nice butt,” type of conversation but it just added to the weirdness. The young lady didn’t turn me on, but she was definitely nice to look at. Particularly that VERY spankable ass. Best part, she called a pretty good game.

This morning (Sunday morning) we got in a very nice session even though TW is still bleeding.  We’ve both been pretty horny lately so we figured we’d get down to it, crazy ass menopause period be damned. TW mounted up cowgirl style and we fucked like teenagers. She had some really intense orgasms, especially when I suckled on both her tits at the same time.

We finished up Spoon style with TW having several more nice orgasms. She asked me if I was okay and I told her I was close, so she went down on me and I filled her mouth with cum. It was very nice to get that release we’ve been looking for lately.