He Stuck In His Thumb…..

And made her cum….

TW had some intense orgasms last night, courtesy of my tongue and thumb. We’ve tried to make it a nightly ritual that I put my lips on her pussy, when it’s available. TW was left out of breath and near tears after I was finished. The session didn’t last that long, but I did my best to make sure she was satisfied. I overachieved last night. 🙂

We also had a pretty good weekend of sex as well. If I wasn’t down between her legs, she was down between mine, sucking and licking my cock, making my toes curl. We had a pretty good fuck session too. We hit every position except 69. TW had her ass spanked properly, while handcuffed, and was left with a chest covered in my cum. The spanking was intense with TW mewling and moaning in passion/pain. She took it like a trooper though, and her pussy got very hot and slippery when she came.

Home along time ROCKS!

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