Ahhhhhh, It’s FINALLY Summer!

Holy shit is it HOT outside today. Humid too. I walked out of the house and my lungs immediately filled with water. UGH!

It’s all good though. The ladies at work have come through in spades. Lots of cleavage, and a VERY nice, facing me, bend at the waist, look down your top and dream about titty fucking the hell out of you, drop off of equipment. One of the other ladies is wearing a nice, loose tank top. I just want to drop my hands down the front of her shirt and feel away. Her tits would fit nicely in my hands. They’re both making my palms itch.

But no, I’m not that stupid, not anymore. I won’t even make a comment these days. That’s what the other blog is for. 😉

Enjoy your day. I’m sure going to enjoy mine. Wish I could wear sunglasses in the office. 😛