Did You Hear That?


That screaming you heard was TW getting her ass spanked properly and then fucked hard. She came off her period hot and horny. I was greeted at home by a naked wife, lieing on the bed, looking at spanking websites on a laptop.


“Well, hello there.”

TW also had out several spanking toys, a ping-pong paddle, the flogger and a flogger with soft tails on it.  I ordered her to continue what she was doing as I undressed.

I chose to start her off with the flogger. While she browsed I worked over her ass. She would moan from time to time as I stroked her ass. It reddened up quite nicely. After spanking her ass for a bit, my cock was getting nice and hard. I began to flog her tits, making her hotter.

I got on the bed and pushed my cock into her mouth. As TW sucked me, I flogged her tits some more, causing her to moan around my dick. I then moved down into 69 and made her cum like a woman possessed. I fucked her face while I ate her pussy, making TW gag a couple of times.

We then moved into Missionary and, after putting TW’s legs up on my shoulders, I fucked her deep and hard. I reached over and grabbed the flogger and worked over her tits again. TW’s face contorted in pleasure as I drove my cock deep into her cunt. As I fucked her, I continued to flog her tits and would lean down to suckle on them every now and then.

Her orgasms were very strong as I flogged and fucked her. We did some passionate kissing as we fucked and sucked. I then went down on her again, making her scream in pleasure. She then went back to looking at the spanking websites.

As she perused the web, I once again took the opportunity to spank her ass. This time I used the ping pong paddle, making her ass a nice, fiery, cherry red in color, and, hot to the touch. I think she may have orgasmed from just the spanking.

I gave her ass a break and played with her pussy a bit. As she looked at some gifs, I played with her cunt, forcing several fingers inside. She came again, moaning into my mouth as I kissed her. As I continued to kiss her, I spanked her ass, with my hands this time, making her cum one final time.

Nice way to start the evening.

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  1. oh, that is so frigging hot. I love how hot and horny you two are. It never matters that there are lulls…life is full of them…but when you two come together…it is with a freaking enormous BANG! (in every sense of the word)…


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