Just Plop It Down Right Here

That’s right, just plop that tasty pussy right down on my face. No, don’t take your dress off, since you’re pantyless, it’ll be much hotter that way.

TW got herself a wonderfully orgasmic pussy licking last night. It happened after we returned home from a family party. We both went right to the party after work and we’re still in our work clothes when we got home. Since the kids were working, TW took the opportunity to take her panties off and offer up her cunt for some lovin’

She definitely got it.

I was lying on the couch and TW walked over and squatted above my face. I got down to business but it was awkward, so we re-positioned ourselves so she was kneeling on the couch with my face buried in her sloppy cunt. I ate her to several strong orgasms before lifting her dress over her ass so I could spank her.

TW went nuts when I began to spank her ass. She was growling and trying to nip at my cock through my pants. She was grinding her pussy on my face and my tongue was busy lapping at her clit. She cried out that she was coming, several times, before she finally had to roll off of me and catch her breath.

I spent the rest of the night duck facing so I could smell her on my mustache. 😉

2 thoughts on “Just Plop It Down Right Here

  1. wow…that’s just too erotic for me this hour of the morning. Or maybe I’m just totally jealous. 😀 I’m so glad you two got some extra fun into your day. Lucky as hell, you two.


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