Now, THAT’S How You Start The Day

This morning, TW and I had one of our more recent, intense sessions. It was hot, it was heavy, it was orgasmic. It left TW sobbing into her pillow and me with a very rigid hardon.

Upon waking, TW found me with my morning hardon. She immediately dove down and proceeded to suck me even harder. She quickly mounted up and we fucked CG style. I massaged her tits, grabbed fistfuls of hair and even gave her a quick swat on the ass, as she rode me to one orgasm after another. She was a woman on a mission and I’d have to say, mission accomplished!

She had several strong orgasms, especially when I suckled on her tits. This always drives her wild. The one swat to her ass produced one of the strongest orgasms of the morning, but things got really intense when she rolled off me and presented her pussy to my lips.

I started licking and before we both knew it, TW had a pillow over her face as she screamed out her orgasms. She had my head crushed between her thighs but I sure as hell didn’t care as she came all over my face and tongue. By the time I was finished, TW was a sobbing mess. She must have been pretty tired too because she took a short nap while I showered.

It was an awesome start to the day.

3 thoughts on “Now, THAT’S How You Start The Day

  1. Sounds like a great way to start your weekend….
    Now finish strong..
    and tell us all about it. lol

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