Sunday Morning Fun

TW and I got in a wonderfully orgasmic session yesterday morning. She let me sleep in a while and I texted her and told her to, “Cum and get some.” She immediately replied that she was on her way.

When she got to the bedroom, I was spread out on the bed, hard cock in hand, masturbating. TW quickly undressed and mounted me CG style. We fucked hard and fast. At one point, TW thought I was going to cum. She told me I better not, especially while I was inside her. I let her know I wasn’t THAT stupid. I don’t want any more kids either.

After riding me to several strong orgasms, we took up Spoon position and I pounded her cunt from behind. TW’s orgasms were very strong and I pumped her faster and deeper to ensure she came quite hard. I then asked her where she would like to wear my cum.

I had her get down on the floor with her head and back resting against the bed. I pushed my cock into her mouth and let her suck me. As she worked over my cock, I would occasionally push it deep into her mouth. She’d gag and I’d pull back, but then I grabbed two fistfuls of hair and fucked her face.

As I got closer to coming, I pulled out and jerked off. TW opened her mouth wide and I came. The first couple of spurts landed in her mouth. The rest land on her tits and neck. I squeezed a couple of drops out on her nose as well.

As she lay there, I admired my handiwork. She looked so damn sexy covered in my cum. I bent down and kissed her, tasting my cum on her lips and chin. It’s been a while since I’ve done that and it really doesn’t bother me all that much. So we kissed some more and shared my cum.

I got a towel and we cleaned up and started our day.

Fun way to start a Sunday and, it was good we got it in, since TW’s period arrived later in the day.

I think I’m going to have TW blow me all week. Maybe I’ll titty fuck her some too. She loves that as well.