31 And Counting

TW and I took the day off work yesterday to celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary.

It went VERY well. 😛

We had two fucking sessions, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. We finished up the night with my face buried in TW’s cunt, licking her to her final orgasms of the day.

The morning session was our typical morning routine. TW sucks me cock hard and mounts up CG style. Since the kids weren’t home, she was able to vocalize her orgasms to her heart’s delight. The afternoon session was much more active and much louder.

After our morning session, TW and I went out for breakfast. She was wearing a knee length button down jean skirt with a sleeveless top and a sexy bra. My original plan was to take her out to the woods and tie, or cuff, her to a tree and “work her over” I rethought my most excellent plan after I realized that too many fucking people have camera phones these days. It was a good thing too because TW developed a cough due to allergies. She probably would have died while I was working her sexy bod over.

So, after breakfast, we headed home to hang out. We did some stuff around the house, watched some TV and just relaxed. About mid-afternoon, we headed up to the bedroom for round 2. While we were sitting around, I mentioned to TW that she should buy some shelf bras. She was complaining about the bra she was wearing. I explained to her that the shelf bra would give her some support but allow her nipples to “shine through.” She laughed as we headed upstairs.

When we got to the bedroom, TW asked me how I wanted her.

I told her, “Assume the position,” as I pointed to the bed. I had her keep her clothes on as I wanted to spank her with the jean skirt still in place. She got down on all fours and I got the ping-pong paddle and the flogger out from the headboard compartment.

I began to spank TW and worked her ass pretty good. She was complaining that I was hitting too hard so I showed her what too hard would really be like. She yelped when I hit her and fell to the side. I had her get back up on all fours and switched over to the flogger.

I flogged her jean covered ass before lifting the skirt over her hips so I could flog her bare ass. She did have a lacy thong on but it didn’t cover much of her ass. Her ass was turning a bright red and she told me she was getting hot. I dropped the flogger and got on the bed. Holding her thong to the side, I easily slipped my cock into her pussy from behind. We fucked Doggy style for a bit before I had her roll over on to her back.

I moved forward and pushed my cock into her slippery pussy. Her blouse had snaps down the front and I began to unsnap them one at a time, kissing the exposed flesh as I did so. TW moaned her approval, and when I got to the last one and opened her top, I noticed she had tucked the lace part of her bra down into the cup, basically creating a half, or shelf, bra. I smiled and immediately began to suck on her nipples.  TW came.

After suckling on both her nipples, I got the flogger and, as I fucked her, flogged her tits and nipples. TW screamed as she came from the flogging. I worked her tits and chest as my cock worked its magic in her cunt. I love watching her full tits bounce around as I fuck her. It’s a shame we don’t do Missionary more often.

We finally managed to get TW half undressed as we struggled to remove her top and bra. I had her leave the jean skirt on and we moved to CG. TW mounted up and easily slid down on my cock. I suckled on her breasts as she leaned forward over me. I fondled and spanked her ass from time to time and TW responded by cumming all over me. It was getting very hot in the room so we decided to do some fucking from behind.

TW rolled on to her side and I slid my dick into her cunt. I started out slowly but worked my way up to a feverish pace as TW screamed out her orgasms into her pillow. As I fucked her, I asked her how she wanted to make me cum. Would she like me to face fuck her, or, titty fuck her? She left it up to me, so I had her get on her back so I could titty fuck her.

After straddling her chest, I slipped my cock into her mouth so she could lube it up. I slowly face fucked her for a while, getting my cock nice and slippery. Holding on to the headboard, I began to slide my cock between TW’s breasts. It took a few minutes, but I was soon shooting a hot and sticky load all over TW’s neck and tits. As I titty fucked her, I imagined her cuffed to the tree out in the woods. Men and women discovering her predicament and taking full advantage of her. What sent me over the edge was the thought of watching two guys suck TW’s tits while a mysterious red head licked her cunt and made her cum.

I pumped out a rather healthy load and TW played with my cum, licking it off her fingers as she rubbed it into her skin. After cleaning up, we tried to take a nap but neither one of us could fall asleep, so we just held each other as we rested. We then headed out to dinner.

The last session of the night was reserved for eating TW’s cunt. As I licked and lapped at her pussy, TW was grinding herself against my face, squeezing my head so hard I thought she might pop it like a pimple. She was really trying to keep as quiet as possible since the kids had arrived home. Not too long after her final orgasm of the day, she was sleeping soundly in my arms.

Happy Anniversary, INDEED!


One thought on “31 And Counting

  1. 31….
    Congratulations on your anniversary.
    It’s 25 for the wife and I in September.. .. It’s supposed to be a “Milestone” event. Maybe I’ll get lucky while on our trip, and she will want to hook up with another woman…. but then…probably not.

    Sounds like a great day. HOT. I was trying to get ready for work, but I saw your post, and ended up late. It’s hard to get ready while you’ve got your dick in your hand… lol..

    give TW some lovin from me.
    Hope your both well… take care of yourselves.

    pss: Mysterious Redhead?….. sure. lol No mystery there….. Nilla; you been hanging around in the woods??

    Congrats… 🙂

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