That’s Hot

Finishing up our anniversary week, TW and I had an awesome weekend sex session that left TW breathless with a face full of cum.

Once again, we were left to our own devices and used the alone time to the fullest. TW got spanked, in a short jean skirt, which, barely covered her ass. We also had some HHMS even though we weren’t in a hotel. CG, Spoon, Oral, titty twisting, flogging, face fucking, TW had it all! It left her breathless and sore.

TW always tells me how soft her skin is after I cum on her. Well, since the last load, she’s been wanting a facial. Well now, just let me know where and when honey.

I had her lean against the bed and proceeded to fuck her face. I let her play with herself, figuring she could use a few more intense orgasms. She quickly got to work rubbing her cunt. I pressed my cock deep into her mouth. I grabbed two fistfuls of hair and began to work up a nice rhythm in and out of her mouth. I didn’t force her to deep throat me since the goal was to deposit a fresh, hot, sticky load on her face.

As I continued to fuck her face, I slapped her a couple of times. Nothing hard, just enough to really get her going. I called her a whore, a slut who wants nothing but to be a cum dump. Her orgasms hit her hard. I pulled out of her mouth and frantically jerked my cock until I unloaded on her. I aimed for her forehead first, then her nose and finally her open mouth. TW growled as my cum splashed on her skin and she made herself cum again.

I really wish we’d remember to bring the camera. Her face was covered and there was also a large amount of cum all over her tits. In fact, it was one of my larger loads in recent history. Damn it! It would have made a great photo memory! Oh well, maybe next time. 😛