Did You Hear Her?

Well, did you?

TW got herself royally fucked last night. I came home to a hot to trot honey. I found her in the bedroom, dressed in red lingerie, a vibrator tucked neatly into the panties, thrilling her pussy.

I quickly got undressed and had her get on the bed. While she continued to use the vibrator, I reached over and grabbed the flogger and paddle she had left out. I flogged her ass while she came and then her back as well. She feel forward and I switched to the paddle to get her ass cheeks nice and red.

To make things more interesting, I began to switch between the flogger and the paddle. It worked like magic as TW began to orgasm more strongly. She moved over so she could suck my dick while I worked her ass. I then had her stand up so I could remove her panties. She then got on the bed, on all fours, and I fucked her doggie style, occasionally grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. This never fails to make her scream.

She collapsed forward and I had her turn over so I could fuck her missionary style. Before I entered her though, I abused her tits. I flogged her chest red and pinched and pulled on her nips. I lifted her legs and easily entered her sloppy pussy. I fucked her hard and fast, enjoying the view of her tits wobbling about. I covered them back up with her lingerie top and then proceed to tease her by inserting my tongue in the cups and licking her nipples.

Her orgasms were building to a crescendo, so, in order to push her totally off the edge, I dove down and latched my lips onto her cunt. I felt her legs lock around my head and she arched her back off the bed as she came. I could barely hear her screams of pleasure as I licked and sucked her clit. Her orgasms were quite intense at this point. I love pushing her over the edge into total abandonment.

Her hips rocked her pussy all over my face and I ate her to my hearts content. She finally had to push me away so she could catch her breath. What a wonderful way to be welcomed home from work. 🙂

One thought on “Did You Hear Her?

  1. Didn’t hear anything….. But, my Cable TV reception went fuzzy about that time..
    Wonder if the electrical charge she was putting off was causing it… It’s bad when she interrupts my Dancing with the Stars…. LOL
    We should get her out here, to test this in our front room.

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