You Just Have To Use Your Imagination….

TW and I have taken a few days off to celebrate her birthday. Since the days are school days, I’ve had the pleasure of watching all the young moms taking their kids to and from school. Today, one of the ladies on the block must be in party planning mode since the street we live on is full of cars.

Naturally, my mind wanders to the X-rated version of the day, where the ladies are treating one lucky husband to a crazy-ass, fun, group sex experience. Unfortunately, I’m NEVER that husband, but then, it’s only my fantasy.

It’s like my fantasy of when TW’s friend, S, comes over and they sit around topless just talking. It probably never happens, but, it’s still a nice fantasy. Maybe some day.

I also got to see the joggers and the tennis moms. I love me a mom in a tennis skirt.

I need to find a job where I can work from home. 😀