Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

One of my fuck crushes at work, G, is really making my day today. So far, she’s let me “look” down her top a few times. She’s wearing a blouse that buttons a little short of the top of her cleavage. There’s plenty of material covering the rest of her chest up to her neck, but when she bends forward, it gaps and, HEAVEN! 

While heading over for more coffee, she dropped some papers. I stopped and offered to pick them up for her but she bent over and picked them up slowly. Like S, also from work, she likes to tease me from time to time. I’m not gonna complain. God I would absolutely love to suckle on her. She’s tall and has a very nice ass. She’d look great in a matching bra and boy shorts lingerie set.

I’d absolutely LOVE to be sandwiched between her and TW, or, have them both on their knees, sucking my cock until I cum on their faces and tits. Then, I’d get to watch them lick my cum off each other. Damn, good thing it’s lunchtime and my door is closed and locked. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Too bad my dreams don’t come true. That would be a doozie! LOL.