Back To It

Well, after a busy couple of weeks, along with TW’s period arriving, we’re back to it, as in, fucking. Got a nice little session in on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, we’re not getting a whole lot of alone time, if you get my meaning. The daughter is a full time returnee since finishing school. Job prospects are slim so it looks like she’ll be with us for a while. She is working, just not full time.

We also get the pleasure (sarcasm meter is hitting it’s highest reading) of having YS home a couple days out of the week. He works nearby, and when he works late, he stays at our place so he doesn’t have to drive home. Oh joy! (shit, I think I broke the sarcasm meter.)

So, with little time and little energy, it’s been slow fucks around here. No screaming, ass reddening, hair pulling, cum splashing sessions for us. Hopefully, that will change soon as TW and I will be heading down to the Tampa area in November. She won a trip for two and decided to take me, go figure! 😉 We’re trying not to plan too much other than sex, sex, and more sex. With any luck, the weather will be warm and we can find a nude beach nearby. We’re open to suggestions.

How’re you all doin?