Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

TW and I got in a nice little session this morning. No fucking, but plenty of oral and nipple pulling/pinching. TW had several strong orgasms but the fun really began when I started to play with her cunt while we were resting.

It didn’t take long for me to roll toward her and start to suckle on her tits. TW LOVES it when I play with her tits. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick feel, a nipple pinch/pull, or a nice long suck, TW’s pussy starts to gush. I worked two fingers into her sopping cunt and we were off.

As moved from breast to breast, TW’s body went rigid and she screamed into her pillow as she came. I focused on her G-spot and her orgasms were frequent and powerful. Fingering her takes her back to her gangway, when we were first dating, and all I did was suckle on her tits and finger her pussy. I have to admit, I got her hooked on outside sex this way.

Pretty soon, she had to push me away due to a over stimulated clit. No worries, we had to get ready for work anyway.

Can’t wait to get home and plop my face on her cunt again.