You Old Horn Dog.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I take Zoloft to combat my depression. I can usually skip doses here and there with no obvious ill effects. Sometimes though, I’ll skip four or five days in a row. TW can usually tell when I’ve skipped my meds as I tend to have more numerous manic/depressive episodes. Now that I’m getting older though, I’ve noticed a new side effect…..


I had most of last week off. Since I didn’t have to drive and deal with daily crapola, I skipped my meds after Christmas Eve. I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been having the most wonderful, erotic dreams lately. Most involved getting TW gang-banged and cum covered, but there were quite a few featuring SILs and co-workers. I mean, these were highly erotic, very intense, very vivid dreams. They’ve left me frustrated that I can’t make any of them come true, but they’re still enjoyable.

In fact, I find myself day dreaming of my co-workers more often these days. How did Dr. Seuss put it? “Oh, the thinks you can think, if you’re willing to try..” And I’m VERY  willing to try. Of course, it helps when said co-workers wear tight, hip hugging, ass enhancing jeans, or the occasional, loose fitting top. HOLY FUCK! Damn, makes me hard just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, the SILs were buttoned up tight over the holidays. Too bad, so sad. Those sexy, mature bodies need to be set free ladies! Let them breathe!

I’m gonna experiment again this week. I’ll be off work staring tomorrow and I’ll be skipping my meds until Monday. I wonder what thinks I’ll be thinking this weekend? I’ll let you know.

Oh, and TW and I will be alone for New Years. Her period is overdue, but we have alternate plans if it arrives. She has a very fuckable mouth and loves to swallow, so it’ll all be good. I see some bondage and a well deserved spanking in her future as well. 🙂


We hope 2015 turns out to be the most ass kicking, fantasy fulfilling, profitable year yet!


See you next year!

Belated Merry Christmas

A very Merry, though late, Christmas to you all. TW and I hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas, and more. 😉

Things have been going swell here at the MD household. We had a wonderful Christmas. We got to see the grandkids. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any boobies, other than TW’s. The SILs were locked up tighter than a nun at the Vatican. Damn it!  Maybe next year. Sigh.

We did have an awesome session last night though. Lots of finger play, tit sucking, nipple twisting, hair pulling and the grande finale, a dual orgasmic 69. Oh, and let’s not forget the quick, thumb up the ass while doing the 69. Yeah, that was very cool.

Next up, maybe some home alone time for New Years Eve, although TW’s period is due to make an unwelcome appearance. Still, her face and tits will be available for fucking and cumming on. Thankfully, she loves it.

Happy New Year folks! Have a safe and fun New Years Eve!

Damn You Viruses, Damn You To HELL!

So, just after we get in a nice, period ending, CG session before work, both TW and I get blasted by the flu bug. FUCKING VIRUSES!

Needless to say, other than trying to get a decent night’s sleep, nothing’s been going on around here. Oh sure, we’re still playing touchie-feelie, but there’s been no lip to genital action going on at all. Hell, I’ve been too sick to even suck on a nipple. FUCKING VIRUSES!

Luckily, we’re both on the rebound back to being healthy. At least Christmas won’t be fucked up by us being sick. We’re pretty sure CG started it and the others haven’t been around us so we should be good to go.

Speaking of Christmas, are you ready for it? We’re pretty close. I still have to get something additional for my brother in law but otherwise, we’re cool. Naturally, I won’t be getting the lifetime of flashes I REALLY want, from the SILs. Damn it Santa, I’ve been a good boy. It’s all I really want in my stocking this year. Well, SILs in stockings would be cool too Santa. Just sayin. 😉

Hopefully TW and I will be able to resume fucking and sucking ourselves silly. I know I’m getting better, I’m starting to fantasize about my co-workers again. It’ll be just our luck though, her period will arrive again. Damn you pre-menopausal cycle shifts! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

So, How Was Your Thanksgiving?

Hidee Hi Everyone,

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

Ours was nice. Nothing special. The SILs were up to their necks in clothing so no DB or cleavage for me. And after all I do for them year round too. Bad SILs, bad, bad, bad SILs.

Other than TW, the only other one worth mentioning is Z, the youngest. Like I said, no cleavage but a nice tight, tit hugging top and tight, ass hugging jeans. She has a very spankable ass and the jeans she had on presented it very nicely. If she’d only give me the chance.

TW and I had our consecutive fucking/oral streak broken by her period, but, it’s almost over so we can start anew.

It’s what we do. 🙂