So, How Was Your Thanksgiving?

Hidee Hi Everyone,

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

Ours was nice. Nothing special. The SILs were up to their necks in clothing so no DB or cleavage for me. And after all I do for them year round too. Bad SILs, bad, bad, bad SILs.

Other than TW, the only other one worth mentioning is Z, the youngest. Like I said, no cleavage but a nice tight, tit hugging top and tight, ass hugging jeans. She has a very spankable ass and the jeans she had on presented it very nicely. If she’d only give me the chance.

TW and I had our consecutive fucking/oral streak broken by her period, but, it’s almost over so we can start anew.

It’s what we do. 🙂


5 thoughts on “So, How Was Your Thanksgiving?

  1. Sounds like you had a good time, well, despite not getting a view of cleavage. Asses are great to look at, even if covered in denim! I had a woman back up into me while in line the other night—nice ass shoved into Spanx and a hot, hot, HOT dress, RIGHT into my hands! THAT was an enjoyable evening! As for me, well, found out I’m not going to be married anymore pretty soon, so decided to explore the single world. Had 3 dates, had 3 women jump me, kiss me, grab my hand and put it on their boob or up their blouse! It’s been ~24 years since I last dated, and I KNOW I’m a little behind the times, but wowza, dating has changed! Hoping to play with some nice tits and/or asses in this whole dating process. I promise to report back for your reading pleasure!

    • Oh, sorry to hear about your marriage. That sucks.

      Good luck on the dating scene, although it sounds like it’s off to a rousing start! LOL.

      We’ll be looking forward to the updates.

      • yeah, not my choice, but she’s been lying thru her teeth and won’t get help for her addictions, which feed her lying…so since I’m apparently “evil”, I’m done. Sucks, but I feel *so* free and relaxed, even my BP is way down! And yes, on the dating thing. Pretty amazing really, suddenly being kissed and having tits in my hands. I hardly know these women! Not complaining, but I apparently need “Dating for Dummies” to figure out the new protocol! 😉 Looking forward to other activities that move quickly and finding a nice ass to spank to pinkness!

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