Belated Merry Christmas

A very Merry, though late, Christmas to you all. TW and I hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas, and more. 😉

Things have been going swell here at the MD household. We had a wonderful Christmas. We got to see the grandkids. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any boobies, other than TW’s. The SILs were locked up tighter than a nun at the Vatican. Damn it!  Maybe next year. Sigh.

We did have an awesome session last night though. Lots of finger play, tit sucking, nipple twisting, hair pulling and the grande finale, a dual orgasmic 69. Oh, and let’s not forget the quick, thumb up the ass while doing the 69. Yeah, that was very cool.

Next up, maybe some home alone time for New Years Eve, although TW’s period is due to make an unwelcome appearance. Still, her face and tits will be available for fucking and cumming on. Thankfully, she loves it.

Happy New Year folks! Have a safe and fun New Years Eve!

2 thoughts on “Belated Merry Christmas

  1. sounds like you had a great Xmas, well, ok, minus the extra boobies! Thumb up the ass? Both of you? Have fun fucking her tits when the red tide does arrive, gotta find alternate sites when the system is down. I’ll be thinking of you two as I take care of things on my own tonight!

    • I was on the bottom so no thumb up my ass. 🙂 Although, next time we have some good free time, I’ll use my Aneros prostate massager. It’s the next best thing. 😛

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