We’re Still Here El Guapo!

I love that movie.

HEY! We’re still alive! Oh, and still having AWESOME, KINKY sex. That’s right, I said AWESOME & KINKY! 

It’s just we’re not having it as much anymore. Not that we don’t want to have sex. It’s a combination of being sick, tired from work, holidays with the families, my mental status, and life kicking the ever loving shit out of us every damn day. Still, we do find time to do the nasty. Why, just last weekend, we had a wonderful morning session that left TW’s pussy soaked, her body sore from bouncing around the bed, and her face and tits covered in cum. And, I get my nightly taste of pussy as well.

So, fear not gentle readers. We have not gone to that great sex blog in the sky. We’re just busy as fuck, but, hopefully, not too busy TO fuck. 😉

See you soon.

Fuck on!

Disciplining The Staff

I had to discipline my secretary yesterday. Yeah, I know, I know, it was Sunday. We had to finish up 2014, so we could start anew in 2015. Well, she copped an attitude, so I had to handle it. Boy, did I EVER handle it. 😉

She was dressed in her usual business attire, snap front shirt, short skirt, heels. She also had on a scarf, it has been cold around here, which came in handy when she became a bit feisty. I would up having to tie her hands in front of her, to keep her in line, and to prevent her from preventing me from tuning up her sexy ass. So, after getting frustrated with her attempts to prevent me from disciplining her, on went the scarf, followed quickly with a blind fold. Damned if I’m gonna let some slut dictate how I punish her.

After getting her hands tied and her eyes covered, I began her attitude adjustment. I played with her pussy a bit. I noticed it was quite wet. The slut LOVED being dominated. I undid the snaps on her shirt to discover no bra! What a brazen bitch! No bra? Well, I had just the solution for that. I grabbed the flogger and liberally applied it to her breasts and panty covered pussy.

The slut was moaning the whole time I flogged her. I had to shut her up so the other employees didn’t hear her so I shoved my cock into her mouth. She eagerly worked my shaft in and out of her hot mouth, while I continued to flog her cunt and tits. I didn’t want to cum too soon, so I withdrew my cock, much to my slut’s disappointment.

She wasn’t disappointed for long as I began to work my fingers into her cunt. Her pussy was soaked, hot, and slippery. I easily slid three fingers into her and when I massaged her clit, she exploded in orgasm. I bent down and took a nipple into my mouth. The reaction was immediate and violent. She arched her back and came on my hand as I nipped and sucked on her nipples. She squeezed my hand between her legs as wave after wave of pleasure overcame her.

“Come on slut, get up and get on your knees.” I commanded.

She quickly replied and I applied the flogger to her sexy ass and tits. I had her keep her shirt on because I was planning on cumming all over it. That way, the other employees would see that I’m not a boss to be trifled with. After getting her in position, I rang the messenger room and had a couple of the guys come up to my office.

My beautiful slut loves to tease them when they deliver stuff to my office, so I figured they’d enjoy using the whore while I watched and took pictures. Tommy was the first to arrive and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her there on all fours. He took out his thick cock and rubbed in against her slippery lips. He easily entered her pussy and drove his dick balls deep into her.

Oh my darling secretary never looked better. Hands tied in front of her, blindfolded, cumming on that large dick. I kept flogging her, concentrating on her ass, back and tits. She screamed out her orgasms as Tommy pumped her cunt like a piston. In and out, deep and shallow, he worked her pussy to perfection. She was out of breath, orgasming on Tommy’s cock when Dave showed up and pushed a thumb into her asshole.

Shit got crazy from that point on. My hot, horny secretary was just one big orgasm. She thrashed about as Tommy fucked her hard and Dave worked that thumb in and out of her ass.  I was still flogging her tits as well. She was speaking in tongues at one point, before collapsing in a tired, sobbing mess.

I had Tommy and Dave leave so she wouldn’t know who had fucked her. I’m sure it’s gonna drive her nuts whenever one of the messenger guys shows up at my office.

“Did he fuck me? Or maybe it was him. Oh god, what if he did? Fuck, what if they both DID?.”

Yeah, she’s gonna be soaked whenever I get a package.

I had her stand up and follow me over to the couch I have in my office. I had her lean back and open her mouth. I slid my dick in and began to violently fuck her face. She was gagging and choking on my dick as I pounded it down her throat. I felt my orgasm building, so I grabbed a fistful of hair and jerked my cock. All too soon I was cumming. My darling whore screamed when the first shot of cum hit her lips. I shot more on to her tits, leaving her a slimy, cum covered mess. She was still blindfolded so didn’t know where my cum would land. It didn’t matter to her, she was playing with her clit, making herself cum.

I finished up by removing the blindfold and rubbing my cock on her face. She took me in her mouth a final time and sucked the last of my cum out of my cock. I helped her clean up and sent her back to her desk to finish up the day’s work. When quitting time came, I watched her walk bow legged to her car to head home. She called in sick this morning, but I bet she’s at home in bed, furiously fingering herself to one orgasm after another, remembering yesterday’s events.

At least, I HOPE that’s what she’s doing.