We’re Still Here El Guapo!

I love that movie.

HEY! We’re still alive! Oh, and still having AWESOME, KINKY sex. That’s right, I said AWESOME & KINKY! 

It’s just we’re not having it as much anymore. Not that we don’t want to have sex. It’s a combination of being sick, tired from work, holidays with the families, my mental status, and life kicking the ever loving shit out of us every damn day. Still, we do find time to do the nasty. Why, just last weekend, we had a wonderful morning session that left TW’s pussy soaked, her body sore from bouncing around the bed, and her face and tits covered in cum. And, I get my nightly taste of pussy as well.

So, fear not gentle readers. We have not gone to that great sex blog in the sky. We’re just busy as fuck, but, hopefully, not too busy TO fuck. 😉

See you soon.

Fuck on!

One thought on “We’re Still Here El Guapo!

  1. awesome. glad you’re still around, doubly glad that you’re still dark n dirty. 😀 It’s been a rough holiday/post holiday time here as well…things are finally leveling off…hope that happens for you two as well.


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