That’s It, Just Spread Your Legs And Let Me Work My Magic

So, I made TW cry last night. Tears of joy, of course! We got some much needed, and surprisingly,not so easy to get, alone time. Damn kids. You’re all out of college. Get on with your lives already! 😉

So, in order to make effective use of our time together, we got busy. No fucking but plenty of mouth on hot, juicy pussy action. TW absolutely loved it! Evidently, she was in need of some major emotional release because, by the time I was done, she was sobbing softly.

Yeah, I still got it. 😀


Hello Fellow Sex Fiends,   Aficionados,

How was your Valentine’s weekend?


Since my birthday falls around Valentine’s Day, I usually take the day off, and TW and I spend the day in bed. This year it was a little different as CG is at home and not at school. The good thing though was that CG had to work both days over the weekend, so TW and I had hot sex both days.

We got in a bit of everything in. There was kissing, spanking, titty twisting, nipple biting, finger fucking, face pumping, ass slapping, hair pulling, cum in your mouth sex to be had and, damn it, we had it!

Saturday’s session was the longest. TW got a VERY nice ass spanking, courtesy of my hands and a wooden spatula. It started off CG style, worked it’s way into 69, and finished up with a rousing RCG spanking with said wooden spoon. TW was in a constant state of arousal as I worked her ass over and we ended the session with her swallowing a massive double load of my cum, as I fucked her face.

Sunday was spent fucking my honey in the gym we have in the basement. She got a nice pussy wetting spanking to start. I then fucked her on the weight bench, in the power rack, with her legs over my shoulders and my hands wrapped around the barbell set in the rack. She was basically trapped until I release my grip on the barbell. I was able to fuck her hard, fast and deep. It was fun watching her face contort as she came, and the view of her tits wobbling about was fan-fucking-tastic! We still can’t believe I didn’t cum while fucking her.

Yeah, another year older, but we still got it!