A Hot Dream And Then A Hot Ass

I had the most realistic dream last night. In it, TW was about to fuck an older gentleman, probably in his early 60’s, while I got to watch. We were staying in a hotel somewhere. I came back to the room to find TW naked on the bed, with said gentleman getting undressed. They both smiled at me and said hi, while I went in search of the camera. I’m assuming she picked him up at the bar in the hotel. Unfortunately, the dream ended before they got down to it. HOLY FUCK was it hot. I was hard as a rock when I awoke.

TW reached over and noticed my hardon and got busy. She quickly turned her ass to me and I easily slid in from behind. We fucked Spoon style for a bit, before TW mounted up CG style. That was when she got the spanking she’s been wanting.

Her ass was hot and red by the time we were done. My hands were numb from the beating I gave her. TW came hard and fast while I worked her bottom. I beat her ass with a steady rhythm, as she rode me. Left cheek, right cheek, both cheeks, right, left, left, left, right, right, both. She was able to scream out her orgasms as well since we were home alone. And scream she did!  She was grinding away on my cock when I felt the familiar tingle in my nuts.

She dismounted quickly and took me into her hungry mouth. When I say hungry, I mean HUNGRY! She almost bit my cock off. I was just about to tap her on the head to get her to release me when she finally let go. I do believe I have teeth marks around the bottom of my shaft. Luckily, she didn’t draw blood.

We finished up with a rousing 69 session with TW coming several times before rolling off me.

Talk about your stored up energy. WHEW!

What a way to start the day!

Things Have Been Spotty Lately

And I don’t just mean the sex. TW’s period continues it’s crazy ass pre-menopause life. After not having it for four months, TW started spotting, EVERY OTHER DAY. WTF? Is she getting it? Is it going away? Who the hell knows? And no, she’s NOT pregnant. We are very sure of that. It does put a damper on my pussy eating though. I don’t want to end up looking like this guy…


TW’s not comfortable with me going down on her while she’s on her period either, so, pussy eating was put on hold for a few days while TW’s body figured its shit out. No worries though, we did fuck.

We had a nice morning session that featured some CG, a LOT of titty suckling and finished with TW swallowing a nice, large load of cum. It was a great way to start the day.

After a few days, things cleared up and I’m back to doing what I love best…

167_1001 711_1000

Now, we just need to add some spanking to the mix and life will be good.


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all of our Irish friends out there. Hope you’re having an awesome day.

I’m not Irish, at least I don’t think so. My birth father is English so there’s the possibility that I do have some Irish in me, but it’s not visible to the naked eye. I’m not wearing green today. I have no desire to be faux Irish today. I am eating green cupcakes though, courtesy of our daughter. She made some last night. Even the frosting is green.

Hey, speaking of green frosting…..guess who got to lick some off his lovely wife’s titties last night? Yeah, that’s right, THIS GUY! WOOT!

TW took it upon herself to finish up frosting the last of the cupcakes. Daughter had gone to a meeting with the bulk of them, but there were a few left for the family. Well, TW’s not one to lose an opportunity to have her tits sucked on so she walked over with a spatula full of green icing.

Hmm, where to put this so it won’t get too messy.

I took the spatula from her and spread some frosting over each nipple. Then, I cleaned her titties off. YUM! Unfortunately, it didn’t lead to any sex since YS was due home from work. He spends a couple nights at our house during the week as his commute is long and he works late into the night on the days he stays at our place. Still, it was nice to get a little tit suckling in and TW WAS wearing a bit o’ the green.

So, no green for me today. The only Irish I’d want to have would be a hot, naked, natural red head bouncing up and down on my dick. Her tits smothering my face while I spanked her ass. Yeah, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!