Cricket, Cricket, Cricket, But Not “Cricket”

I mean the sound the insect makes, not the sport that’s enjoying it’s World Cup right now.

It’s been so quiet around here, you can actually hear my tongue lapping on TW’s pussy lips.

Well, you could hear it, if she wasn’t screaming out her orgasms, but you get the idea.

How’s things on your end of town?

Do fill us in please….

4 thoughts on “Cricket, Cricket, Cricket, But Not “Cricket”

  1. good for you two! lick lick lick! As for me, I’m enjoying my new single-hood! Been fingering, licking and fucking a woman I met a few weeks ago (all safely, mind you). Good lord, 25 years of marriage and I had forgotten what it is like to get laid by a woman who enjoys it, wants you and is hungry for great fucking! Her tits are huge, her nipples stand out like those 1st grade pencils we had as kids, fat and long and I LOVE licking them and sucking on them! I’m exhausted, but enjoying myself thoroughly!

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