I Think I Hit The Right Spot That Time

TW and I had another awesome oral session last night. It was a head slappin’, pussy soaking, face squeezing, orgasm filled night. I’ve switched things up a bit lately. Instead of diving right in, I’ve been a bit of a tease lately. A lick of an inner thigh here, a puff of air there. It’s been driving TW batty. When I finally do focus on the main event, it’s wet, slippery, and oh so sensitive.

TW had some very strong orgasms last night. Her face buried in her pillow as she screamed as she came. Normally, I’ll let her set the tone for when we’re done, but not last night. I kept licking and lapping to my heart’s desire. TW spent her time slapping my head, and, at one point, even slapped her breasts. Guess she got carried away there for a second or two.

All in all, it was quite the stress reliever and she fell asleep quickly. Tonight, we might not be as lucky. We’re on grand baby sitting duty. God help us!

Morning Wake-up Call

Got in a nice CG session this morning. TW woke me up with a blowjob, and, as soon as I was hard, mounted up. We fucked for 10 minutes or so, TW grinding away on my cock while I sucked and pinched her nipples.

Nice way to start the day.

P.S. Almost forgot to mention, while TW was busy riding me and cumming, she whacked her head on the headboard. Quite funny, since it was not a serious blow. Well, she does blow me quite seriously but the head bump wasn’t serious, so we had a good laugh about it.

Guess she’s gonna have to wear a helmet from now on…

Our House

Well, THAT Escalated Quickly

Ah, the variety of over forty married sex. Yesterday, after having been busy all day, we got in a nice RCG, Spanking, Titty Fucking session that ended with me cumming in-between TW’s titties. We were both tired as fuck, but TW still had the energy to suck me hard, mount up RCG, receive her spanking, suck me some more and then titty fuck me. All while we were relaxing on the couch.


As I was busy pumping TW’s breasts, she was busy frigging her clit and making herself cum.


When my cum hit her tits, she had a very violent, and loud, orgasm.


Who said Sunday is a lazy day?

More Yummy Pussy And A Sleepy Spooning

Hidee Ho Good Readers,

The pussy is still flowing nightly, as TW takes advantage of my ALWAYS erect tongue. We’re even getting some tongue sessions in the family room when the mood strikes us. Of course, the kids must be away for the parents to play and, luckily, that has been the case lately. They’re both coaching at their high school alma mater and games are during the week, so, when I get home, TW gets the tongue. 😉

This morning we got in a nice, if sleepy, Spoon session. TW had come back to bed after seeing the kids off to coaching for some much needed sleep. We both slept for a couple more hours before TW reached around and found out Mr. Happy was wide awake and ready for action. She turned her back to me so I could slip in Spoon style and we fucked for 15 minutes or so before we got out of bed to start our day. TW had several strong orgasms and I was able to hold off coming so she can wear a load later today.

Nice start to the weekend.

I Recommend The Pussy, It’s Fantastic!

TW got herself a very intense pussy licking last night. It was a head slappin’, legs squeezing my head like a pimple, screaming into the pillow, session. TW’s pussy was absolutely soaked after I was finished. I licked, lapped,  nipped, sucked and just basically rubbed my face all over her cunt.

TW, for her part, was trying desperately not to pass out. Her orgasms were quite intense, but then they always are when I tease and please her pussy. I just love putting my face between her thighs. She tastes so good. You know, when I was growing up, my friends always called me a pussy. I guess the old saying is true, ‘You ARE what you eat.’

Sorry, couldn’t resist that. 😉