Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb

It’s the way I make my honey cum! Well, minus the thumb anyway.

We’ve had a couple of awesome sessions lately. Last night, instead of eating my honey to sleep, I used my tit sucking and finger playing abilities to make her cum so hard she had tears in her eyes. It was fucking awesome!

This morning we had a nice CG and Spoon session. While TW was riding me I spanked her ass nice and hard. Her pussy responded by getting nice and hot and slippery. We switched over to Spoon and I fucked her hard from behind. I pulled her hair and she came violently.

After she showered, I was eating breakfast and she came down in her robe. While sitting in a chair, she opened her robe and flashed her pussy to me. I quickly got down on my hands and knees and ate her to a few more orgasms before she headed out for the day. And no, she didn’t go out in her robe, she got dressed. 😉

I did get a lesson today though. Even after you’ve sexed a lady for two days in a row, she doesn’t like you looking at another woman. I thought she was past that but I guess not. I had finished cutting the grass and went to see TW. I mentioned, as a joke, that I had to get back outside. I told her that one of the neighbors was out in short shorts. I leaned in to kiss her and she backed off from me. OH MY! The green eyed monster AWAKES! It was all good by the time she left though so more sex is on the horizon.

Guess I’ll have to keep my thoughts to myself from now on. 😀