Man, what a hot weekend of sex! After Saturday’s finger session, TW and I found ourselves alone on Sunday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much sexin’ done during the day, but bedtime provided an opportunity for some spanking and yell out loud fun!

It started out with TW sucking on my cock. I was halfway hard before she started. I love watching her undress! It didn’t take her long to get me to full staff and she mounted up CG style. While she was working on my cock, I had hidden the ping pong paddle beneath my head. She’s been practically begging for a spanking lately, so I thought I’d give her one to remember.

While she rode me, I had my hands behind my head, hiding the paddle. TW would let me suckle on her tits from time to time, as she rode me to orgasm. When I pulled the paddle from behind my head, her eyes lit up and her pussy got hot.

Oh, you are sooooooo tricky. Is that for me?” She asked.

Of course it is!” I replied.

Well, I’ve been a very bad girl lately so I deserve it.” She softly moaned in my ear.

At the first swat, TW jumped. I gave her no quarter and I really don’t think she expected any, as I reddened her ass with the paddle. Her orgasms were frequent and powerful. She arched her back as she came. I switched hands so that I could get a nice even coverage of her ass. I pinched, twisted and pulled on her nipples with my free hand. Her screams were probably heard by the neighbors, but, as I’ve said before, it only gives me more “street” cred when the neighbors hear her scream. 😉

After a while, I abandoned the paddle and just used my hands to finish up her discipline. She rolled off to her side and I took her from behind for a while, before she got back up on top and I got cum down her throat. We finished up in 69 with me eating and hand spanking her to several more strong orgasms.

This morning, before I got into the shower, TW wanted to suck my cock. Well, I certainly am NOT going to turn down putting my cock in her mouth. Well, what started out as a doggy session morphed into a missionary session and then finally some nice face on pussy oral. TW had several strong orgasms while I fucked her and I got to watch those big titties of hers bounce around. Great way to start the day, I highly recommend it!

Can’t wait to see what we get into tonight when I get home. We’ll be alone again, at least for a while. Maybe she’ll wind up wearing my cum. It’s certainly a possibility with my cum hungry honey.