I Think I Hit The Right Spot That Time

TW and I had another awesome oral session last night. It was a head slappin’, pussy soaking, face squeezing, orgasm filled night. I’ve switched things up a bit lately. Instead of diving right in, I’ve been a bit of a tease lately. A lick of an inner thigh here, a puff of air there. It’s been driving TW batty. When I finally do focus on the main event, it’s wet, slippery, and oh so sensitive.

TW had some very strong orgasms last night. Her face buried in her pillow as she screamed as she came. Normally, I’ll let her set the tone for when we’re done, but not last night. I kept licking and lapping to my heart’s desire. TW spent her time slapping my head, and, at one point, even slapped her breasts. Guess she got carried away there for a second or two.

All in all, it was quite the stress reliever and she fell asleep quickly. Tonight, we might not be as lucky. We’re on grand baby sitting duty. God help us!

2 thoughts on “I Think I Hit The Right Spot That Time

  1. Am with you brother, tease her and get her hot for the main event. Just licked my first pussy post-separation from 25 years of marriage…omg, teasing her first got her so hot and made her cum over and over and over before anything serious happened. And this morning, I’m sore in places I didn’t know I owned anymore! Seriously awesome. Good luck on getting some with the grandbaby around!

    • LOL, no, we watched the grandkids at their house. Still didn’t get any when we got back home though. Those little rascals tired us out no problem. 🙂

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