Spank Me Very Much

TW go a long overdue, extended spanking over the weekend. It was part of a spirited CG-69 session. There was hair pulling, spanking, of course, CG and it finished off with a load of cum landing on TW’s tits.

TW woke me up with another one of her stellar blow jobs. After getting me hard, she mounted up CG and we were off. As we fucked, I started to spank her sexy ass. I reached into the headboard to retrieve the flogger. Unfortunately, my first attempt succeeded in bringing out the fuzzy headed cat o nine tails. Well, that wasn’t going to cut it, so I dropped it onto the floor. TW, being a bit impatient, got the flogger I was looking for and handed it to me. Gotta love a woman who knows what she wants. 😉

Taking the flogger from her, I started to work her on reddening her ass. My hands were doing a fine job, but there’s just something about that flogger that makes TW cream and cum. Unfortunately, while I was attempting to switch to flogging her tits, I caught her in the eye. Whoops! Luckily, it was a glancing blow, so no damage was done. Flogging her tits makes TW cream and cum as well. So does grabbing a fist full of hair and pulling, while flogging her ass. 😛

After several strong orgasms, TW went down on me again. She loves to suck cock and, naturally, I love it when she does it. She then moved herself into 69 and planted that sloppy pussy on my face. HEAVEN! I went to town licking and sucking on her pussy and clit. Her orgasms came hard and fast. She was grinding her cunt against my lips and I was busy spanking her ass. Her cheeks were hot to the touch and my hands were getting numb. It was FUCKING AWESOME! I must remember though, she gets a bit too excited and tends to bite my cock a little bit harder than is comfortable. In fact, at one point, I had to lock her head between my thighs to prevent her from skinning Mr. Happy alive.

TW rolled off me and came up to give me a kiss. As she kissed me, I let me fingers do the walking and began to play with her pussy lips. TW groaned as I also latched on to her nipple. One of her favorite things for me to do is suckle her tits while playing with her clit. It drives her up the wall and she has her most intense orgasms when I do it. Yesterday was no exception. TW had several violent orgasms while I played with her tits and clit.

While I was working my magic, TW was jerking me off. I asked her if she’d like to wear my cum and she enthusiastically said, “YES!” I had her lie on the edge of the bed while I jerked myself off on her tits. She was playing with her clit while I pumped my cock, and when the first spurt of cum hit her tits, she came again. I emptied my load on her and she sucked the rest of my cum from my cock.

We thought about crawling back into bed to get some more sleep, but decided better of it and started our day.


One thought on “Spank Me Very Much

  1. Oh yeah, sounds like you had a great time, thanks for sharing! I taught an “older” woman the joys of spanking this weekend. Nothing terribly hard, didn’t want to scare her off, but damn, she enjoyed it a LOT and got her cheeks pretty pink. To the point she got really wet, despite telling me “I never get wet anymore”. Ahem, we were drenched in pussy juice, thankyouverymuch. And she kept asking me to spank her ass repeatedly because “it turns me on!”. Wowza!

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