Umm, Yeah, No

I should have known I wouldn’t get the chance to fuck TW’s face. Mother’s Day festivities took up both our Saturday and Sunday over the weekend. Dinner with TW’s mom on Saturday and we had the grandkids over on Sunday. Our DIL even cooked us breakfast!

Needless to say, those too little munchkins wore our old, sorry asses down, so, no face fucking on Sunday. Monday was back to work routine and then yesterday I got the shit kicked out of me by allergies. Had to take half a vacation day because I couldn’t get out of bed. By the time I got home, I was too sleepy to do anything and headed off to bed alone. UGH! I never had allergies until I hit my forties. Luckily, they’re not bad, just aggravating. I feel better today thanks to taking some over the counter allergy meds.

And there you have it, our weekend of face fucking. N O T

At least TW’s period is just about over (we think) I can get back to the pussy eating.