Praise The Lord!

That’s what TW was doing last night as I ate her pussy.

Oh God, oh God, oh God, OH MY FUCKING GOD, that feels so good.

The session started out with the Aunt Jemima treatment for TW’s fine ass. She got a nice warmup spanking with a wooden paddle. She’s been asking for it and last night she got it. I then flipped her on her back and dove right for her pussy. I teased her a little bit before getting to the main course. Soft, light kisses on her inner thighs and pussy lips. When I finally ran my tongue along her slit, TW moaned deeply.

As I ate her, TW was thrashing about the bed and repeating the phrase from above. Brings a smile to my face and a twitch to my cock just thinking about it. I knelt on the floor, so it would be easier to please her cunt.

After eating her to several strong orgasms, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and slid my cock into her well lubed cunt. I stroked hard and fast, watching TW’s face contort in pleasure and her tits wobble about. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pounded her hard. When I reached down and pinched her nipples, TW went berserk, having the strongest orgasms of the night.

I slowed things down a bit, pushing her knees up to her chest to allow me to stroke slowly, but deeply. TW had several more orgasms before we called it a night. It was nice to take advantage of some home alone time. We should get more this weekend.

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