A Real Eye Opener

It’s too bad TW and I don’t have any close, personal friends that we can talk to. We mean, other than you fine folks who read our blog. 😉

If we did have friends like that, it would be nice to sit down with a beer, or two, and talk about the sex we’ve been having lately. Last night, TW offered up her pussy to my waiting lips so she could fall asleep faster and sleep better. Mission accomplished.

This morning, we had a ‘make me late for work’ session that featured CG, a nice ass warming spanking, some titty licking and sucking, hair pulling and finished up with TW swallowing a fresh load of cum. I also had the chance to play with her pussy after we were done. I rubbed her off to a couple more strong orgasms. It was a refreshing start to the day. Hopefully, I’ve loosened TW’s back up sufficiently so she won’t be in a lot of pain today.

We’re looking forward to some home alone time this weekend. Now, if we only had friends we could invite over and talk with. Sigh.

One thought on “A Real Eye Opener

  1. lol…..
    You could end up with friends like us.
    You and TW would talk about your great sex life…..and then my wife and I would stare back with a blank look on our faces thinking; sex? I think I remember what that was…….
    Sounds like you and TW had a wonderful start to your weekend. Enjoy the rest of it…..and keep us apprised. 🙂

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