Hot & Expensive Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a nice three day weekend. Ours was nice, but tiring and expensive.

First the hot part. We had several hot, nasty, orgasm inducing sessions over the weekend. There was cock sucking, pussy eating, nipple twisting, ass slapping, Spooning, tit sucking, finger fucking, CG riding fun for all. Unfortunately, due to several factors, we kind of fizzled out towards the end.

Let’s see, what else happened. Oh yeah, there was babysitting our grand-kids (and right there, is where the tired part comes in. It’s unbelievable how tired we are after watching them.) We also bought a new car, which is the expensive part. It was also tiring to sit there all day. There must be a faster way of doing things at a dealership.

We almost looked forward to going back to work. Notice I said almost. TW and I would prefer to stay in bed fucking the day away. But then, we’re guessing so would all of you fine folks.