Some Very Inappropriate Thoughts

It’s a good thing I have my other blog:

to prevent my from saying anything stupid to the ladies here at work. Now that it’s warmer, the clothes are coming off and the skin is showing again. Thank you Jeebus!

After extra long months of dark, dreary dress, the cleavage is making it’s annual appearance. So are the tight skirts and slacks and dresses. S is wearing a black, hip hugging, mid calf length skirt today. I just want to run my hands down her body. The other day, after months of wearing all black, she had on a blue button down shirt. Looked like a man’s shirt but wasn’t going to ask. Anyway, she had it unbuttoned to mid chest. It didn’t gape so you had to have the right angle to see anything. Luckily, I got the right angle. I was walking alongside her and could see full, bra encased, titty. She’s got delightfully small breasts. I just wanted to cup it. Again, thankfully I have the above blog to express my thoughts. I really do like my job.

A couple of the other ladies are finally getting into the swing of spring. My favorite is G. She’s tall, black hair, very nice mom body. She’d look absolutely stunning in a pair of boy shorts and matching bra. Oh, and don’t forget the HEELS. DAMN! Man, I’d worship that pussy to death!

Despite all the eye candy here, I sometimes wish I still worked in the city. I loved taking public transportation and seeing the ladies all dressed up. Nothing like walking to work, toward the sun, a beautiful woman in front of you, the sun shining through her sun dress. Fuck I miss those days.

Now, don’t think for one second I’m forgetting about TW. Despite my wandering eye, TW is my everything. She knows as much as I like to look, I’d NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER do something stupid to endanger our relationship. In fact, we made a pact that if someone wanted to sleep with either one of us, we come as a package deal, so they would have to sleep with both of us. Come to think of it, we cum as a package deal as well. 😛

Even in my fantasies, TW is part of the package. Whatever woman I’m fucking in my mind, TW is right there with me, either sitting on my face or sucking my cock or riding me like she loves to do. Most of my fantasies involve getting TW gang banged. I’d love to see her have her choice of hard throbbing cocks to play with. Not to mention getting covered in all that hot, sticky, cum. 🙂 I’d like to see her with another woman, preferably her best friend. It’ll never happen mind you, but I’d LOVE to see it. I’m sure her best friend’s husband would love to see it as well. We’ve known each other over 30 years. We flirt, kid around with one another, and generally just have a blast when we’re together. Ah well, probably best it stays a fantasy. Would hate to lose a friendship over sex. Maybe we can eventually get the ladies to go topless. That would definitely be a treat.