Weekend Fun

Man did TW and I have an awesome weekend. We were home alone for the majority of both Saturday and Sunday. We put that time to good use.

I’d love to tell you that we had sex all day but the truth is we had two sessions, one Saturday morning and one Sunday morning, but, what sessions they were!

Saturday featured lots of ass reddening spanking. We hit just about every position except for RCG, Missionary, and Doggy. TW rode me CG style, got fucked behind Spoon style, had her pussy played with while on her back and we finished up with me blowing a huge load of cum down her throat. In fact, I believe I had a triple orgasm. TW had to keep swallowing and swallowing to keep up as I emptied my balls. Like the true cum slut she is, she didn’t miss a drop. What a gal!

After she finished sucking me dry, we shifted into 69 and she got another hard spanking. I love eating her pussy, especially after it’s been fucked. It’s so wet and tasty. It was a great way to start the day.

Sunday was more of the same, although I didn’t cum. It was also a slower paced session. We hit CG and Spoon and finished up with my face between TW’s legs. Again, another nice start to the day.