Happy Father’s Day, Indeed!

Man, what a weekend of sex. It was quality over quantity as TW and I got in a couple of sessions, one Saturday morning and another Sunday morning. Nothing acrobatic, but a hell of a lot of fun. Sunday’s was the better of the two. It left TW crying tears of joy and emotional release.

It started off with me guiding her hand to my hardon. After she got back from the bathroom, she mounted up CG style. Damn, I love suckling on her tits while she rides me cowgirl. Watching the expression on her face as she cums is delightful as well. It’s also fairly easy to spank her, which, ratchets up her orgasm intensity ten fold or more.

After playing with her tits, and, after several strong orgasms, TW got into Spoon position. Another one of my favorites, as she has very strong orgasms this way as well. I alternated my stroke intensity as we had all day to fuck around if we wanted. Slow, then fast, then slow again, but deep, TW took it all and loved it. I was getting close to cumming, but I didn’t want the session to end, so I got her on her back and dove in between her legs.

I was such a tease. I lightly kissed her inner thighs and licked all around her cunt. She groaned in frustration as I played all around her pussy. Light kisses here, a tongue drag there, it was driving her up the wall. When I finally focused in on her cunt, the reaction was immediate.

Her legs locked around my head, trapping my face on her pussy. I licked and lapped my way out of the situation. Her orgasms were quite strong and she finally released my head. We rolled from side to side, my lips never leaving her sloppy pussy. As we rolled, I was able to spank her ass quite nicely. Her orgasm intensity increased yet again and soon she was calling out to god and screaming out her orgasms.

I ate her for a good half hour or more. I love lapping at her cunt, making her scream. I would drive her to the brink of orgasm and then back off. She was moaning and groaning in frustration as I teased her. As I was eating her, I was also torturing her nipples. Pulling and pinching them, crushing them between my fingers. TW was in a constant state of arousal.

For the grand finale, I focused on her clit. I applied direct tongue pressure on her clit, while pinching and twisting her nipples. TW arched her back as her orgasms overwhelmed her. I began to flick my tongue up and down and side to side against her clit. I could hear TW sobbing, in between her locking my head against her cunt with her thighs. I didn’t want to kill her, so I finally moved away from her pussy. I kissed her inner thighs lightly, bringing her down slowly from her orgasmic high. We finished up the session with me giving her a massage to loosen up her muscles and back.

Happy Father’s Day, INDEED!