It’s Been Very Quiet Around Here Lately

As usual, whenever TW and I have an intense sex session, things calm down quite rapidly. That’s the case this week as TW and I have been too worn down by life to get even a quick oral session in.

When we go to bed, I give TW massages to ease her back and sciatic pain. Well, I do a hell of a job because she’s usually sleeping within minutes. I’m not that far behind myself. The kids have been around a lot lately as well, so getting something in right after I get home is out as well. Mornings have been sucking lately as I can’t get my tired ass out of bed in a timely matter so I wind up wasting good morning hardons. DAMN IT! GETTING OLD(ER) SUCKS! ๐Ÿ˜‰

One thing going for us is that we will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary next week with a trip out of town. TW might have her period, but that won’t hinder us other than I won’t be able to go down on her, but then, who knows, maybe I will. I do know she’ll be sucking a lot of cock. We have only one other thing planned for this trip but that can be blown off if need be. Should be an awesome week!

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