Did You Miss Us?

Of course not, nobody EVER does. 😉

We’ve been having a wonderful over forty married sex kind of time, fucking and sucking our brains out the past few weeks. TW’s period held off and we had a relaxing, 95% naked, anniversary. And by relaxing, I mean fucking and sucking ourselves silly.

We rented a bluff top cabin. It was the last of four in a row, close together but still far enough away that we had lots of privacy. It had two decks. The one off the bedroom was used the most. Sitting naked on the deck was one of TW’s favorite activities for the weekend. She got some nice sun and we had a nice little sex session out there as well. TW rode me RCG and finished off by swallowing a healthy load of my cum.

On our first day there, after the heart stress test of walking up 100 stairs or so to get to the cabin, we settled in and fucked. We fucked here, we fucked there, we fucked EVERYWHERE. The living area had a gorgeous view of the surrounding woods that didn’t face any of the other cabins, so, TW and I went naked as often as possible. Which, in turn, led to lots of oral and good old fashioned fucking. We did it with TW bent over the wood burning stove, with me sitting on a bench and her straddling me, leaning over the breakfast counter, on the couch, on the big comfy chair, and, of course, in bed.

Since we had little planned on this trip, there was no rushing around. The one thing we did have planned fell through since we didn’t check the museum’s website. Had we checked, we would have discovered the place is closed most of the month, which included the weekend we were staying in town. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to fuck some more. 😉 Maybe some oral as well 😀

We stayed in the cabin most of our trip. We did do some wine tasting and did a short trip to a neighboring state that we hadn’t visited before for dinner, but, other than that it was happy naked fun time for us. IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Oh, and before I forget, my new car is no longer a virgin. TW had her first of many, I’m sure, Roadgasms, on the trip home. Unbeknownst to me, she packed her car powered mini rabbit. Oh the orgasms my honey did have with that little wascal working her clit. I’m sure the car enjoyed losing it’s virginity as well.

Since we’ve returned, we’ve kept up the sexing. Everyday is either a short fuck in the morning, or a relaxing, put TW to sleep, oral session at night. It’s been a hell of a ride!

4 thoughts on “Did You Miss Us?

  1. well that’s the way to spend a vacation!! you are two very lucky shits, you know this, right? 😀


  2. oh yeah, I missed you. But I have to admit, I’m having my own fuckfest over here with a gal I”ve been seeing for a few months. So admittedly, my face and other body parts, have been a little busy to notice your fucking while I’m doing my fucking. 😛

    Sounds like you had an awesome holiday & woohoo on the car losing its virginity! That reminds me, the gal and I are going away this weekend, I think my vehicle needs a virginity breaking session too. And oh yeah, naked weekends rock!

    Thanks for sharing! Getting me nice and hot and bothered over here on this coast!

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