Do The Math

It’s not too often that you get to use your math skills in bed, but this past weekend, I had to use my phone calculator to do some math.

TW’s period has dragged on this month. It must be making up for being 29 days late. Anyway, we were trying to figure out how long she’s had her period over the years. I’m good at math, but not that good, so I reached over and did some calculations on my phone. We figured out, give or take, TW’s had her period for over 8.75 years. However, if you take into account the various pregnancies over the years, it brings it down to about 6 or so. Still, that’s a LONG time to be bleeding. YIKES!

Oh, forgot to mention, we were doing this while TW was riding me CG.

Yeah, we’re weird that way.