POW! Right In The Kisser!

Had a couple of really nice sessions this past weekend. The one on Saturday left TW sobbing with emotional release while the one on Sunday had me cumming down my sexy honey’s throat.

Saturday, we were home alone in the morning and TW was the recipient of a fine spanking session that left her sobbing with joy. She was riding me CG style and I was working her ass when my cock slipped out and rubbed across her clit. HOLY SHIT! Did TW ever orgasm. Add some well timed tit suckling and hair pulling and TW went ballistic. She was thrashing about, screaming at the top of her lungs and finally just sat there sobbing. It was quite the emotional release. She hasn’t had one of that intensity in a long time.

Sunday we were doing CG style again. I kept teasing her and trying to make her cry out. I called her dirty names, pulled her hair, nipped at her nips, lightly bit them as well, all in a futile effort to make her cry out. Our daughter was home so TW did her best not to cry out at all. It was fun watching her hold her emotions in. When I started to tug harder on her hair, she growled a low, guttural sound and I had her jump off quickly as I was about to cum. She quickly went down on me and swallowed it all. I lightly spanked her ass as she sucked me dry. It was a fun way to start the day.

This morning, I had the most awesome dream. In it, TW was sitting on the floor, resting against the bed, covered in cum. The little minx wouldn’t tell me who had covered her so I figured I’d add mine to the existing loads. I grabbed a fistful of hair and began to fuck her face hard. I was slapping my dick on her face before forcing it down her throat. When I came, it was like a flood. I covered her face, tits and hair in my cum. Never did find out who had deposited the initial loads though.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream featuring my youngest SIL, Z. Same type of dream as last nights. We were fucking and I was covering her body with my cum. As a finale, I got down and ate her to several strong orgasms as she played with my cum. Too bad I can’t make that come true for real. It would be fucking awesome to fuck TW and Z, side by side and then cum on the two of them. F U C K I N G   A W E S O M E!

And You Were Doing So Well Too

The score after one, Life – 4,356 Mr Mrs MD – 0

Life has been kicking the ever loving shit out of us lately. Me (Mr MD) in particular. The latest thing is some type of cold that has my jaw hurting like a mother fucker. I’m currently treating it with years old meds and it seems to be working. I know it’s not dental related as I’ve got sinus pressure as well as the jaw pain. “It’s all been done before,” as the Barenaked Ladies sing.

We’ve also been helping TW’s mom move to a new house. I now officially consider myself old. Can’t lift the stuff like I used to. UGH!

I did have the most awesome dream last night though. Had to be the meds. In it, TW and I were visiting this woman. Don’t know who she is, but she was very up for some threeway sex. A thumb up my ass later and I was furiously beating off to cum on her and TW’s faces, as they kissed passionately. Just then, the woman’s mother shows up! She’s also very sexy and just tells us to carry on ala Tone Loc’s Wild Thing,

I didn’t know what to say
I was hanging by a string
She said, “Hey, you two, I was once like you
And I liked to do the wild thing”

I never did get to cum on their faces. Nice dream though.

Hopefully the well aged drugs I’m taking will kill whatever’s ailing me and we can get down to business as usual. Got my fingers crossed.