And You Were Doing So Well Too

The score after one, Life – 4,356 Mr Mrs MD – 0

Life has been kicking the ever loving shit out of us lately. Me (Mr MD) in particular. The latest thing is some type of cold that has my jaw hurting like a mother fucker. I’m currently treating it with years old meds and it seems to be working. I know it’s not dental related as I’ve got sinus pressure as well as the jaw pain. “It’s all been done before,” as the Barenaked Ladies sing.

We’ve also been helping TW’s mom move to a new house. I now officially consider myself old. Can’t lift the stuff like I used to. UGH!

I did have the most awesome dream last night though. Had to be the meds. In it, TW and I were visiting this woman. Don’t know who she is, but she was very up for some threeway sex. A thumb up my ass later and I was furiously beating off to cum on her and TW’s faces, as they kissed passionately. Just then, the woman’s mother shows up! She’s also very sexy and just tells us to carry on ala Tone Loc’s Wild Thing,

I didn’t know what to say
I was hanging by a string
She said, “Hey, you two, I was once like you
And I liked to do the wild thing”

I never did get to cum on their faces. Nice dream though.

Hopefully the well aged drugs I’m taking will kill whatever’s ailing me and we can get down to business as usual. Got my fingers crossed.

One thought on “And You Were Doing So Well Too

  1. Geez, MrMD… Take care of yourself. At our ages we are no longer supposed to be moving the ML… That’s what we had kids for. lol!
    Hope your feeling better soon, cause I’d love to see you and TW re enacting out that dream, and getting photos.

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