Well, That Was Quite Unexpected. Pleasantly So.

Just when I posted about the dearth of sex around the MD household, TW and I had a spirited session after work last night. Our daughter was working and not expected home for an hour or so. It was going to be a quick oral session but it evolved into a wonderful missionary fucking that left TW soaked and wore out.

It started out innocently enough, me sucking on her tits before jumping between her thighs and lapping away at her pussy. As I ate her, I began to fantasize about having her tied to a picnic table. As I created her gang-bang fantasy, my cock began to get hard. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to use it, I mounted her and easily slid my cock into her sopping cunt.

I started fucking he slowly, all the while lapping and nipping on her nipples. This always drives TW crazy and her pussy responded by tightening around my cock. I picked up the pace a bit and TW began to talk dirty. “Oh yeah, FUCK me, motherfucker. Fill my cunt with your cock. FUCK ME!

I leaned down and kissed her hard. TW came. I reached up and grabbed two fistfuls of hair and TW exploded. She wailed out her orgasms as I fucked her hard and deep. What a turn on to watch her face as she came. I slowed my pace and withdrew my cock from her cunt. TW moaned in frustration but I was just lining up to do some clit fucking.

I positioned my cock along her slit and slowly slid my way up to her clit. Her reaction was to immediately orgasm again. As she came, head thrust back, I dove down and roughly suckled on her nipples. TW was having one, long, continuous orgasm as I rubbed her clit and suckled her tits. I felt my cock twitch, signaling I was approaching orgasm myself, so I went back down to suck on her clit.

What? Where are you going?” TW asked. “Oh yeah, eat me baby.

I got down between her legs and lapped and licked and nipped on her pussy lips and clit. TW wrapped her legs tightly around me head and came. I got busy spanking her ass as she twisted from side to side. She was in a heightened state of orgasmic bliss as I tongue fucked her. She finally had to push me away but not before she had a final, violent orgasm.

Nice way to get back in the saddle.

I Miss It Too!

Well, well, well, still no sex, eh there Mr MD?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Things just have been too damn busy around these parts to partake in that pleasurable fun. Good thing is that things are quieting down around here so TW and I should have more energy for HMS. We better! 🙂

One of the things I miss most about the kids being out of college is the long road trips TW and I would take to visit them. It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve had to head out on the road.

I miss TW flashing truckers; getting herself so worked up that she would soak my seats. Of course, watching her have numerous roadgasms while I drove was awesome as well. Sometimes, I’d get her off with my fingers, other times I’d watch her play with herself. When she brought the portable vibe on our trips, well, let’s just say she’s a real screamer! 😉

Unfortunately, on our last few trips, TW got disillusioned in regards to flashing. Not many drivers bothered to look down into the car. They were too busy on their phones or their computers. TW was ready, willing, AND able to flash but had no audience other than me. It really brought her down and she doesn’t really get in the mood to flash anymore. At least, not in the car.

So, here’s a little flashback (see what I did there?) to more fun times.




Thanks for the mammaries baby!

Sure Is Quiet Around These Parts

Hidee Hi Readers,

It’s been mucho quiet around the MD household lately. LIfe is once again kicking the ever loving shit out of us. TW’s had 2 periods in the last three weeks. WTF? Crazy ass premenopausal bullshit. The kids have been hanging around the house a lot lately as well, so there’s little opportunity to get our freak on like we’d like to. TW’s overdue for a heavy bondage session, along with another spanking. I’d also like to cum on her and take more pics for Twitter.

If life would only release its hold on us for a bit, we’d appreciate it.

We did get in a nice, short oral session this morning. Kind of a celebration of her second bout with Aunt Flo being over. She better NOT get in again in another week. You hear me Mother Nature? Just say no to giving TW her period again.

Thanks, that would be swell.

On a side note, it appears my life is coming to an end. Late last week, I fell in the garage. Okay, fell is probably the wrong word to use, since I didn’t actually hit the ground. If the garage door hadn’t been there I would have. Wound up rolling my ankle pretty well. Needless to say, being old(er) it’s taking its sweet ass time healing up. I’m limping around like Festus, from Gunsmoke, and today, I fell at work. Again, fell is a poor word, more like sat down slowly on the stairs, like Abe Lincoln in Disney’s Hall Of Presidents in that funny home video from a few years back. S    l       o       w      motion to a seated position on the stairwell.

My days are numbered friends. Once you start falling at home, you’re done for. I better let TW know to speed up that gang bang process and to get her sisters and friends to show me their titties before it’s too late. 😛