Sure Is Quiet Around These Parts

Hidee Hi Readers,

It’s been mucho quiet around the MD household lately. LIfe is once again kicking the ever loving shit out of us. TW’s had 2 periods in the last three weeks. WTF? Crazy ass premenopausal bullshit. The kids have been hanging around the house a lot lately as well, so there’s little opportunity to get our freak on like we’d like to. TW’s overdue for a heavy bondage session, along with another spanking. I’d also like to cum on her and take more pics for Twitter.

If life would only release its hold on us for a bit, we’d appreciate it.

We did get in a nice, short oral session this morning. Kind of a celebration of her second bout with Aunt Flo being over. She better NOT get in again in another week. You hear me Mother Nature? Just say no to giving TW her period again.

Thanks, that would be swell.

On a side note, it appears my life is coming to an end. Late last week, I fell in the garage. Okay, fell is probably the wrong word to use, since I didn’t actually hit the ground. If the garage door hadn’t been there I would have. Wound up rolling my ankle pretty well. Needless to say, being old(er) it’s taking its sweet ass time healing up. I’m limping around like Festus, from Gunsmoke, and today, I fell at work. Again, fell is a poor word, more like sat down slowly on the stairs, like Abe Lincoln in Disney’s Hall Of Presidents in that funny home video from a few years back. S    l       o       w      motion to a seated position on the stairwell.

My days are numbered friends. Once you start falling at home, you’re done for. I better let TW know to speed up that gang bang process and to get her sisters and friends to show me their titties before it’s too late. 😛