Well, That Was Quite Unexpected. Pleasantly So.

Just when I posted about the dearth of sex around the MD household, TW and I had a spirited session after work last night. Our daughter was working and not expected home for an hour or so. It was going to be a quick oral session but it evolved into a wonderful missionary fucking that left TW soaked and wore out.

It started out innocently enough, me sucking on her tits before jumping between her thighs and lapping away at her pussy. As I ate her, I began to fantasize about having her tied to a picnic table. As I created her gang-bang fantasy, my cock began to get hard. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to use it, I mounted her and easily slid my cock into her sopping cunt.

I started fucking he slowly, all the while lapping and nipping on her nipples. This always drives TW crazy and her pussy responded by tightening around my cock. I picked up the pace a bit and TW began to talk dirty. “Oh yeah, FUCK me, motherfucker. Fill my cunt with your cock. FUCK ME!

I leaned down and kissed her hard. TW came. I reached up and grabbed two fistfuls of hair and TW exploded. She wailed out her orgasms as I fucked her hard and deep. What a turn on to watch her face as she came. I slowed my pace and withdrew my cock from her cunt. TW moaned in frustration but I was just lining up to do some clit fucking.

I positioned my cock along her slit and slowly slid my way up to her clit. Her reaction was to immediately orgasm again. As she came, head thrust back, I dove down and roughly suckled on her nipples. TW was having one, long, continuous orgasm as I rubbed her clit and suckled her tits. I felt my cock twitch, signaling I was approaching orgasm myself, so I went back down to suck on her clit.

What? Where are you going?” TW asked. “Oh yeah, eat me baby.

I got down between her legs and lapped and licked and nipped on her pussy lips and clit. TW wrapped her legs tightly around me head and came. I got busy spanking her ass as she twisted from side to side. She was in a heightened state of orgasmic bliss as I tongue fucked her. She finally had to push me away but not before she had a final, violent orgasm.

Nice way to get back in the saddle.