TW and I would like to take the opportunity to wish each and every one of our readers a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whichever you celebrate. Oh, let’s not forget our friendly pagans out there, Happy Saturnalia!

It’s been an incredibly busy end to the year this year. TW and I are wore out. We do get the occasional sex session in, but not nearly as often as we’d like. We got one in this morning. A very nice CG session that had TW bouncing on my cock like a young, but TOTALLY LEGAL, girl. It was a nice start to the day.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.









Got in a couple of nice sessions last night and this morning.

Last night was an awesome oral session that left TW well satisfied and sleepy.

This morning we ┬áhad a wonderful CG, titty sucking, cum swallowing session that left me taking a half day vacation to recuperate. TW, strong ass woman she is, got up and went to work. Some day I’ll be as strong as she is, SOME DAY. ­čÖé

HEY! Who wants a cold?

TW and I are willing to share ours! Over forty married sex? More like over forty married death!

Neither one of us has been in the mood for sex lately. TW has an aggravating cough to go with her cold. It’s been so bad at times she’s been wetting her panties. I told her if I get the cough, I’ll probably be shitting my pants. It’s more likely than you think.

I’ve also been dealing with a serious bout of depression.

So, with those pleasantries going on the past couple of weeks, there’s been little time to get it on. We’re also dealing with moving her mom from one house to another. Needless to ┬ásay, we’re tired too! DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Hopefully, with her mom in the new house now, things will quiet down and we can get back to sexing properly. At least I’m getting some from the SILs in my dreams. Well, Z, anyway. Last night she let me cop a feel and suckle on her tits. Too bad it was only in my dream.


Have a great weekend!