Bummer Part Duex

Well, as ALWAYS, our plans to spank the hell out of TW’s bottom this past weekend, with the riding crops, went awry. We had some unexpected company so there was no time to apply said riding crops to her sexy bottom. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to try it again this upcoming weekend. We’re scheduled to be home alone on Saturday. Here’s hoping we get some quality spanking time in this weekend.

If not, maybe we’ll have to go away for a weekend and have some HHMS. Yeah, THAT’S the ticket!


In culling my blog list, I discovered one of my all time favorite bloggers passed away last October. He hadn’t posted since 2010 but kept the blog up so others could enjoy his stories.

California Mike’s blog was one of the first I ever discovered. It’s quite a good read, funny with a great subject. I encourage you to check it out sometime, before it disappears forever. Thanks Mike for the fun reads. I hope you’re enjoying an endless stream of orgasms on the other side.

Here’s a link to his awesome blog…Confessions Of A Horny Old Guy

New Equipment

Got us some new gear, for the new year…


We got to test drive them this week, but the main event will be this weekend. Yup, we’re home alone. Can’t wait to have TW kneeling before me, hands cuffed behind her back, a handful of hair in my hands, as I face fuck her and smack her sexy ass with the new riding crop. I’ve read the thinner one is GREAT for application to the pussy. Guess we’ll find out. 😉