New Equipment

Got us some new gear, for the new year…


We got to test drive them this week, but the main event will be this weekend. Yup, we’re home alone. Can’t wait to have TW kneeling before me, hands cuffed behind her back, a handful of hair in my hands, as I face fuck her and smack her sexy ass with the new riding crop. I’ve read the thinner one is GREAT for application to the pussy. Guess we’ll find out. 😉

5 thoughts on “New Equipment

  1. oh they are FUN! I got a slapper for the g/f’s ass, she is LOVING it, exploring her kinkier side. Not only making her ass pink, but also her nipples and a little pussy slapping as well. Made her cum over and over and over by slapping her pussy the other night. Surprised her and she loved it! Just remember, start gently!

      • oh TOTALLY agreed! I started out slowly, since she hadn’t tried it before. She started wiggling and moaning and cumming from just some gentle ping pong paddle swaks. We’ve built up to the slapper and a mini flogger she was interested in after I told her I went to Folsom Street Fair last year and got flogged there. I made her ass nice and pink and red last weekend with our toys and she wants MORE!

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