Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

To all our Irish friends and readers, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Hope you all went to church! Your eternal soul depends on it!

I never really got the whole everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day thing. I am part Irish, but the part is so small you can hardly see it. HEY! Get your minds out of the gutter. I’m not talking about Mr. Happy! Perverts!

The only Irish I want to be is, to be IN a redheaded Irish lass. Now THAT would be worth celebrating!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s The Ides Of March

I’m the friendly stranger in a black sedan, won’t you hop inside my car…”

Wait, no, wrong Ides Of March. I’m talking about the one where I took my honey’s virginity. 1980 to be precise.

36 years of fucking, sucking and cumming. What a fucking GREAT ride! And let me tell you, TW sure is. 😛

A Little Help Please

I, Mr. MD, need to find some good couple blog reads. We’ve lost a lot of them over the years and I’m down to two: First, Last & Only and Northern Lights and Sleepless Nights.

Any good reads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!