This Getting Old(er) Sucks

So, TW’s wacky pre-menopausal period has reared it’s spotted head. We were all ready to have a real fuck fest this morning to see if we could bring on a full blown period, but TW and I are too damn old. We slept through the alarm! FUCK! This getting old(er) thing sucks big time.

At least we got in a pussy eating session last night that put my baby to sleep. Guess it was a deeper sleep than either of us anticipated. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย Its all good though. We should be home alone tonight and most of tomorrow. After that, it’s anybody’s guess on when we’ll get home alone time again.

Did I mention that getting old(er) sucks? I did? Well, it does!


TW and I have been on a streak of late, getting our sex sessions in when we can. They’ve come often enough to call it a streak anyway. They’ve been short, sure, but hella productive.

I’ve been keeping TW in a state of frenzy, touching, kissing and grabbing her whenever I can. We caught a major break since our daughter is staying with a friend over the next week to help her out. Poor thing broke her leg. Bad for her but good for us. Home alone time!

Let’s see, we’ve been able to use the new riding crops, TW has fucked herself silly on my cock and finger tips, I’ve ate her tasty pussy more times than I can count, I’ve tortured her poor, sensitive nipples, ย and she’s swallowed a nice, large load of cum from me.

It should be a good rest of the week. ๐Ÿ™‚