Alright, Which One Of You Cut One?

What!? It was me? HOLY SHIT!

This getting old(er) things is ridiculous. I have become and Old Fart, literally. I’m farting like a MoFo lately. Luckily, not during sex. I haven’t changed much in my diet, other than not drinking as much soda as I used to, yet, I’m blowing air out of my ass like a safety release valve. WTF?

Oh, and they are God awful smelling as well. What the hell? Definitely won’t be having group sex any time soon. Well, not that we would anyway, (see previous 10 years of posts on that one.) I can see it now, room full of naked bodies, getting all hot and sweaty, and then the sound come out, pffffffffft.


Alright, which one of you cut one?

And that will be that.

3 thoughts on “Alright, Which One Of You Cut One?

  1. some medications can cause some serious fart-a-licious responses. Metformin is one of them, but there are a ton that, even if the “warning pages” don’t mention it, can cause you to clear the room in one or a dozen farts.

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