Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday, TW and I celebrated the 36th Anniversary of her Senior Prom. If you do the math, that would be 1980. For the anniversary, I made her cry.

And by making her cry I mean, I feasted on her cunt until she screamed out her orgasms and sobbed in relief. She even wore the dress from 36 years ago. Doesn’t close in the back, and her tits fill it out quite nicely without a bra, but it’s still the same dress from long ago. Brought back the memory of her riding me CG style in her parent’s living room while they slept above us on the second floor. My cock is tingling as I type this.

Here’s what she looked like back then…

Kelly Sr Prom 5-23-80 (7) cropped  Kelly Sr Prom garter1 5-23-80 cropped

Yeah, good times, good times indeed!

In a couple more days, we’ll be celebrating the day we got together. Can’t wait!

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