Just When I Was About To Get Away

I got sucked right back in. Damn it!

Attention whore that I am, I just can’t quit you OFMS. I wish I knew how to quit you, but I just can’t.

TW and I have been having some awesome sex lately. Weekends are the best, she lets me sleep in and then wakes me by fucking me. Now, THAT’S a wakeup call. During the week, we’re usually too pooped to pop, but, I still get TW to come crazily just about every night. My lips, her pussy, enough said.

Last night was a good example. Son #2 was staying overnight. Even though we’re empty nesters now, the kids do come back once a week to sleep. Well, son #2 will continue to do so on a regular basis. The daughter has found a job close to where she lives so her visits will probably be confined to the odd weekend here and there.

Anyway, he was home and TW and I headed off to bed. Now, during the week, TW doesn’t have incentive to keep quiet. Who needs to be quiet when you’re home alone. Well, as I settled down to a late night pussy snack, TW implored me to help her keep quiet. Challenge accepted. I went to town and TW spent most of the session with her head buried in the pillow. It was an awesome session and TW was thoroughly exhausted when we finished. In fact she was out as soon as I finished.

She’s been getting the best sleep lately. I wonder why…..

4 thoughts on “Just When I Was About To Get Away

  1. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to hear you bragging anymore about what great sex you and TW are having and you show up like that proverbial penny.

    Really, I’m always happy to read about your fun times, but I am not going to be sucked into writing anymore farewells when you say, once again, that you are done with this blog.

    Carry on!

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